Thursday, March 12, 2015

Manuela Rodriguez

Rose Herrera, just seven months old, was killed Monday because she wouldn’t stop crying, according to Chicago Police. Her grandmother allegedly beat her with an 18-inch pipe wrench and stuffed a sock into her mouth, then took a circular power saw to the baby’s throat.

Manuela Rodriguez, 52, was taken into custody and was treated at Mt. Sinai Hospital after attempting to take her own life with the saw, cutting herself across her own throat. Rodriguez is reportedly on antidepressant medication. She’s now charged with first-degree murder. A Cook County judge denied bail, and Rodriguez was taken to Cermak Hospital at the jail for observation.

Rosie, as the infant was called, was already dead of from the pipe-wrench beating and asphyxiation when the grandmother cut her with the saw. Rodriguez will be tried in Cook County, Illinois.